For HMD specific setup, please go to the Swift Oculus and Swift Vive guides.
For Swift Desktop, go to the Swift Desktop guide.

Q: First person mode feels like the image is warping. What is the ideal field of view for FPS games?

A: For natural experience, the game's FOV setting needs to match your headset. Select 90-100 degrees from the game's graphical options. Also change the mouse sensitivity until turning rotates the view naturally.

Q: Which devices are supported?
A: Oculus DK2,  CV1 and HTC Vive.
Q: Which Oculus runtime do I need?
A: Swift only works with the Oculus runtime 1.2 or newer. For DK2, you must have runtime 1.3. Please install the Oculus drivers from this link
Q: Why can't I run Swift on my DK2 with an earlier popular runtime like 0.8?
A: Unfortunately, we had to update to 1.2, as 0.8 and 1.0 don't support the DK2. For DK2, you must be running at least Runtime 1.3 for it to work with Swift or any new Oculus apps.
Q: Oculus says the Swift is coming from an unknown source (ie not distributed through the Oculus store).
A: Disable this check from the Oculus settings
Q: The First Person image / cinema screen is too small / too large.
A: Use the + and - hotkeys in game (might need to hit NUMLOCK first) or adjust the screen size slider in the Swift configurator, then hit Save.
Q: The Swift mouse pointer seems misaligned to the game?
A: Enable the mouse pointer only when the game is full-screen

Q: How do I watch movies in VR?
A: Install the 32-bit VLC player. Then in the Swift GUI click “Add” and point Swift to the VLC’s install location. VLC will now appear in the list of apps. Select it, check Enable Swift, select Cinema Mode and then click Save. From now on, every time VLC plays a movie, the Oculus will in parallel display it in your personal cinema in VR. We recommend setting this option in the NVIDIA Control Panel:
Video -> Adjust video color settings -> With the NVIDIA settings -> Advanced -> Dynamic Range -> Full.  Swift also plays 3D videos encoded as side-by-side as well (requires VLC to be full screen). A free site for 3D videos which you can download to watch on Swift is: http://www.demo-world.eu/3d-demo-trailers-hd/

Q: The game stutters.
A: Turn V-Sync off from the game. If the problem persists, likely the computer cannot run the game at the current settings at 90 fps, and thus the game resolution needs to be decreased.
Q: How do I enable Swift for CS:GO?
A: Enable Swift from the configurator, then click "Save". For this game an extra step is required: go to the game installation directory in your steam library (SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive). Move the d3d9.dll file into the bin sub-directory.
Q: How do I enable Swift for Half Life 2?
A: By default, Half Life 2 (including episode 1 and 2) run in DX8. They can be switched to DX9 by right clicking in Steam on HL2 -> properties -> set launch options. Then enter: "-dxlevel 95".

Q: How do I enable Swift on Codemasters titles, such as Dirt 3?

A: By default, these games use dx9 and dx11 concurrently, which doesn't work with Swift. Navigate to "Documents\My Games\DiRT3\hardwaresettings" and edit the hardware_settings_config.xml file by changing forcedx9 to true. Then delete dxgi.dll from the game's directory.

Q: There are black margins at the top / bottom of the screen.
A: The game resolution uses a narrow aspect ratio, while the Oculus per-eye screen is almost a square. Choose resolution with aspect ratio of 16:10 or smaller in the game (ie 1600x1200 or 1680x1050).
Q: An app isn’t showing in VR even though Enable Swift is checked in the GUI.
A: Swift supports DX9 and DX11. It does not support DX9E, DX10 and OpenGL.
Q: The game I’m playing uses the desktop mouse pointer rather than a UI mouse pointer in-game. Is there be a feature to enable desktop mouse visibility?
A: Yes, there is a checkbox in the Swift GUI.
Q: Does Swift enable stereoscopic 3D?
A: We have stereo 3D support for 3D movies in our Cinema Mode. We are researching this as a possible feature without sacrificing performance. In the meantime, you may want to read the UploadVR article on MyDreamSwift and the trade-off between stereoscopic 3D and performance on current hardware.
Q: I bought and installed Swift, but I can’t find it. Where is it?
A: MyDream Swift is listed under Software rather than Games. To access Software, click on the “Games” label on the search bar in your Steam Library, and select “Software” from the context menu. If you plan to use Swift frequently, it is recommended that you pin it to the Windows taskbar so it can be accessed without changing the Steam Library search list to Software. 

Navigating to Software list in Steam [imgur.com]

Q: Swift or games I’ve enabled it on do not launch at all or immediately exit. How can I resolve this?
A: Please run Swift or the game from explorer and not from Steam as it suppresses some error messages. To find where they are located, right click on the name in Steam -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse.
If the error message doesn’t make it clear how to fix the problem, please email: support@mydreaminteractive.com

Q: Swift does not work with my DX9 / DX11 game. How can I get it working?

A: MyDream Swift covers the DirectX 9 and 11.0-11.4, but does not support DirectX 8 and earlier, 10, 12 and OpenGL.
Some games have the option to select different versions of DirectX - if your game has this option, try changing the settings and save them, then close and relaunch the game. Alternatively, some games have two .exe files for the different versions, which may be in separate folders.

Q: A game I want to play was not detected automatically when I launched Swift. How can I add it to Swift?

A: Adding a game to Swift is a simple process. First, locate the directory where the game is located, and find where the .exe file is. Some games don’t have the .exe in the root directory, and maybe somewhere else (like GameDirectory\Binaries\win32 or GameDirectory\Releases). Copy the directory path by clicking on it, selecting the contents, and using Ctrl+C to copy. Finally, press the Add button on Swift, and use Ctrl+V to Paste the directory path in the window, then select the Open button at the bottom. Your game will now appear on the Swift games list!

Accessing the Directory Path in a Folder

For Steam games, navigating to an installed game’s directory can be done by locating and right-clicking on the game in the Steam Library, then selecting Properties in the context menu popup. In the Properties menu, left click the Local Files tab, and select the button Browse Local Files. 

Locating Properties in the Context Menu in Steam

Locating the Game's Local Files in Steam

For non-Steam games that use a 3rd party launcher like Glyph or Uplay, look for a Settings button when the game is selected in the launcher, and look for an option for where the game’s directory is located. 

For all other non-Steam games, the directory for the game will likely be located in C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\
Note: For games that have a mandatory Launcher to run the game, you will not be able to use the “Run” button on Swift to start the game, and will need to use the launcher to launch the game. So long as Auto VR is enabled in Swift, the game will be recognized as running by Swift when it is launched.

Q: How can I make the mouse pointer show up in games where it doesn’t appear in the Oculus headset?

A: Currently we are exploring ways to fix this issue, but for now we have an option to turn on a simulated pointer. Turn on the “Add Mouse Pointer in Cinema” feature on the Swift GUI.  Toggling on Add Mouse Pointer in Cinema

Q: How do I get DOTA 2 to work?

A: add -dx11 command line flag to the game.

Q: How do I remove a game that doesn’t work from my Swift games list?

A: Go to Swift’s files and edit added_apps.txt. Remove the ones that are no longer wanted in the Swift list of games.

Q: What languages are supported with Swift?
A: Currently Swift is only in English, but is still available internationally.
Q: I have a suggestion for improvement / my question is not answered here.
A: Please email us at support@mydreaminteractive.com

We will collect the suggestions and will soon share a google doc highlighting the ones we plan on implementing and the ones we are currently working on.

Still More Questions about Installation/Operations?

There exists a Troubleshooting Guide on Steam. You may want to review this and post a question on the forums if you have additional questions.

**Installing and Operating MyDream Swift**

In order to run games in your Oculus DK2 or CV1 with Swift, you will need to activate the "Enable Swift enabled" toggle at the top of the Game Profile panel, and the setting must be saved using the Save button in the lower-right. Each game will need to have this turned on individually if you want to run them with Swift. 

A variety of games should be detected, though this is not necessarily a list of every game on your computer, and each game listed may not be compatible with Swift. If you'd like to add a DX9/DX11 game that isn't automatically detected by Swift, use the Add button at the bottom of Swift, which will prompt you to navigate to the directory of the .exe so it can be selected manually. If there is a pre-game launcher alongside with the game's .exe file, be sure to select the game's .exe file (Swift will still activate VR if the game is launched from a launcher). 

Swift Deluxe should work for 90% of PC games developed between 2003-2016. We've got a small list prepared for games of all varieties which can be played with Swift! While a game is running, pressing Scroll Lock will swap between First Person and Cinema modes, which can make it easier to read menus and gameplay UI that are pushed out to the edges of the screen when needed. 

These games are examples that are best played using the "First Person" setting for Swift Mode, and have been given positive reviews by our early users. 

Borderlands 2
Talos Principle
Talos Principle
Portal 2
Just Cause 3
Counter-Strike: Global Offense (pls see settings in FAQ)
Tomb Raider
Dirt 3
Many, many more! 

These games are examples that are best played using the "Cinema" setting for Swift Mode:

Castlevania: Lord of Shadows - Mirror of Fate HD
The Deadly Tower of Monsters
Odallus: The Dark CallMoon Hunters
Freedom Planet
Abyss Odyssey
Super Win The Game
Rollers of the Realm
League of Legends
Gravity Ghost
Alien Swarm 
Trulon: The Shadow 
Full Mojo Rampage

Playable in FPS - Requires "Add Mouse Pointer to Cinema" and use of Scroll Lock to swap to Cinema mode whenever menus need to be accessed. 

Batman: Arkham City GOTY
Drunken Robot Pornography
Mars War Logs 

Swift (Deluxe) will work for the vast majority of DirectX9 and DirectX11 games and apps that exist between ~2003-2016. If you have found games and apps that do not work, please message us below.