Games and Desktop in VR

6/20/2016 Pass-through mode in Vive, see your keyboard, hands and feet in Blended Reality.

5/18/2016 New compatibility update with improved support for most AAA games on HTC Vive and Oculus.

VR Goggles

What is Swift?

Swift is an app that converts existing games and movies into a totally immersive VR experience. It works in 2 easy steps: enable Swift on a favorite non-VR game (or movie player, such as VLC) from the GUI one time, then experience it in VR, magically, every time you play.

Modes of Operation

Swift provides:

  • 360 view in game based on head tracking (ideal for playing games in the first person perspective).
  • Giant cinema mode for playing casual games or watching movies (including stereo 3D).
  • GUI to configure Swift's functionality per app.

GUI features:

  • Steam integration - games from the user’s steam library appear directly in Swift.
  • Add non-Steam apps (eg VLC video player).
  • Modifying the per game profiles according to the user's personal preferences.

Per-game Profiles

  • Enable Swift
  • Mode - FPS or cinema
  • Cinema mode scene selection (eg enjoy your content on the beach)
  • Sensitivity of mapping head pose to game orientation
  • Enable jump / crouch tracking

Game Support

Specifically what games does this work for? 

Swift extends the DirectX runtime and is game agnostic. We've made sure AAA games like Fallout 4, Witcher 3, Skyrim, Portal 2, Borderlands 2, Team Fortress 2 work out of the box. Many more work with minor workarounds like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2. It takes a few easy steps (Oculus or Vive) to VR enable hundreds of your favorite games.

Performance Overhead

VR frame preparation in Swift has a fixed and negligible overhead compared to the game rendering time, so performance impact will be practically zero. Users with fast graphics cards can select a higher in game resolution, super-sampling the displayed image on the head mount display, or keep 1080p to ensure the 90 fps limit is reached consistently.

Additional technical information may be found at our FAQ.

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